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Single Searchlight 3 Aspect (Left Hand) Z Scale 1:220

Single Searchlight 3 Aspect (Left Hand) Z Scale 1:220

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Detailed Description

1 - Z scale/Z gauge AMERICAN style 3 aspect single searchlight track signal (Left version), Incredible detail, fully assembled and painted (*Common wire polarity -- positive) resistor included. 

Ashlin Designs is now offering American style track signals in Z SCALE, this is a brand new item to Z scale, Z gauge. This is a 3 light, single head signal, height is 1-1/8 inch tall (28mm), 3 color (red, yellow, green) lighting, the mast is silver this item is brand new in the package made by Custom Signal Systems (patten pending) exclusively for Ashlin Designs. 

After much research and experimentation, this searchlight signal was created using a high-quality 3-color light source that emits rich green, yellow and red colors very similar to city traffic lights. An individual wire is used for each color connection (no combining green and red to create a not-so-appealing yellow).

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